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SEO Need For Speed1 minute Marketing Tips #13. So if you are like a lot of other people, you may have asked yourself about page loading speed. Is your page loading speed a factor in SEO? Will it affect my website visitors if my website is slow? Will speed play a role in my sales too?

Slow web pages have you celebrating another birthday while waiting?

Waiting on slow web pages be like…

First and most importantly, how long visitors wait for your website is definitely affecting your search engine ranking. Your page speed is also affecting the people that visit your website or landing pages. So it certainly has an indirect impact on your sales too.

But here’s another way of looking at how much web page loading time is affecting your business. Second only to quality content, page load speeds affect your page rankings, your bounce-rate and your sales too.  Fast pages need to be a top priority in your SEO plan.

So maybe you’re wondering why?

Because search engines rank fast pages with quality content much higher than similar pages that load slowly.  It’s really a no-brainer, but surveys have shown that less than 10% of marketers are doing anything about it.  So here’s some basic facts you may want to consider:

  • Google recommends that pages load within 5 seconds. But recent surveys show that as many as 85% of consumers really only wait 3 seconds or less.
  • Nearly 89% of surveyed consumers said they would never visit a slow-loading website a second time. 11.2% also stated that they would warn their friends.
  • As a consequence, slow websites also have much higher bounce-rates than other websites. Higher bounce-rates means lower search engine rankings. And as a result, marketing for slow website can be as much as 50%+ more for less traffic.

I’m only just scratching the surface…

Seriously, I mean it when I say that I’m only just scratching the surface with my video and article. Page loading speeds have far-reaching affects on every part of your sales and marketing. So it is also affecting your profits and margins as well as your costs of acquiring new customers.

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1 minute Marketing Tips #13 – SEO Need For Speed
Do you have a SEO Need For Speed?  Download our FREE Digital Marketing Readiness Worksheet today and find out!
Do you have a SEO Need For Speed? Download our FREE Digital Marketing Readiness Worksheet today and find out!
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