Feed Your Brain

Yesterday I talked about my Vivid Vision for my company and learning from others, titled Staying Focused.  Late last night I finally finished that document and published it on this website.  Which you can view on the CMO Vivid Vision page and you don’t have to download anything.  But the point for today, which ties in with yesterday, is to feed your brain and keep learning.

The main idea here is that I got these ideas and motivations by always learning.  I feed my brain with books, webinars and classes by the people that have what I want.  Every Tuesday I am plugged into several networks, absorbing as much as I can and putting it into action.  Well actually its not just Tuesdays, I try learn and improve every day.

For example, I discuss in the video where I got the motivation for writing and publishing my Vivid Vision.  Another great example is that the idea for my Charles Snyder Raw videos is something I got from learning and networking.  Even my discussion in the first video of this series came indirectly from webinars and professional groups.

5 Minutes With Charles – Relevant, timely and valuable marketing advice.

5 Minutes With Charles – Relevant, timely and valuable marketing advice.

Feed Your Brain and Grow

I can say without a doubt that reading and learning have been instrumental in the growth of my business and me personally.  If I had to say what single biggest thing has helped me the most, I would say it’s learning and putting it into action.  I am talking about a two-step process of developing new skills and then doing something with it.

Faith without action is little more than dreams and wishful thinking.  Kinda like always learning and never doing is a waste of time too.  So yes, the topic in my video is about learning and growing, but the underlying message is that you also have to do something about it.  Enjoy!

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