Digital Marketing Case Studies Launched

Charles Snyder Raw #132 – Digital Marketing Case Studies Launched.  So it’s Train Your Brain Tuesday (or at least it was) – what are you learning today?  Are you reading a new book or learning a new skill?  Let me know in the comments section below!

Since I’ve returned from the Philippines, I’ve been doing some thinking about our agency blog.  First, we are over 200 posts and videos now, but slightly less than half are SEO friendly.  Originally, my idea was to get videos created, but now I am pulling back from that and changing gears.  So now every video will have a complete article with it too.  Which is also playing hell with my aggressive publishing schedule.

Digital Marketing Case Studies Launched - Help us, help you!

Digital Marketing Case Studies LaunchedHelp us, help you!

Secondly, we have had the Digital Marketing Case Studies Category since January of 2018, but have yet to add any content.  Today that changed when I published the first written article this afternoon (sorry, no videos there, yet).  So that brings us to my next point that I make in the video – we are looking for some businesses to create case studies with.  As I state in the Digital Marketing Case Studies post, we are looking add more value by showing what works and what doesn’t.

But we need your help!  If you are interested in some free marketing, please sign up here or click on the Digital Marketing Case Studies banner.  And just to let you know, we will be editing that landing page soon to reflect this limited offer.

Last but not least, I am working on editing the next 1 Minute Marketing Tips video.  I hope to have that completed and published by the end of the day.  Or at least ready for publishing by Wednesday – more details coming soon!

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