Creating Great Blog Content

1 Minute Marketing Tips #7 – Creating Great Blog Content.  One of the questions we are seeing most often deals with coming up with ideas for blog articles.  In fact, I am venturing to say that it’s probably one of the most frustrating chores for many business bloggers.  So what can you be blogging about to start or even after you’ve been blogging a while?

First, you need to be blogging about what you know.  So in other words, I mean that you have skills and knowledge that most people don’t have.  Since you have unique experiences, start blogging about that as it relates to your business and offer.  Even if you are not an expert in your field, nothing says that you cannot become one.

Secondly, you should be blogging about the questions your customers and audience have.  So even if you don’t have an audience, find them by joining discussion groups and answering questions.  Pick out the questions that you see most often or have the most frustrations and answer them.  Also, we have done this dozens of times and it has seen our following go from a handful to thousands!

Last but far from least, make sure you are business blogging at least 20 times a month.  As we covered in 1 Minute Marketing Tip #6 – Business Blogging Facts, an active blog gets more pages indexed.  Therefore it is extremely critical that you come up with ideas for your business blog and publish often.  Also, blogging often has the added benefit of bringing search engine spiders back to your website more frequently.

Creating Great Blog Content – Another Option

Creating Great Blog Content doesn’t always have to be an agonizing chore.  Another approach to getting ideas for great content is soliciting for questions.  Ask everyone what their greatest pain or fear is as it relates to your business and industry.  Lastly, you can even automate some of that process with BotNinja!  Check out the article and video in Charles Snyder Raw #120 – Introducing BotNinja or click on the banner below.

BotNinja can help with Creating Great Blog Content - chat with me now!

BotNinja can help with Creating Great Blog Contentchat with me now!

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