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Let me cut right to the point today and get right into my thoughts today.  For the past 3 years or so, I have been blogging and making videos about websites, SEO and social media.  Well I know I talk about it and why you need it, but never how they are related.  You and I both need it in order to Build A Solid Marketing Foundation.

BlitzMetrics calls it “plumbing” in that the flow of traffic to your website is like water.  The more “pipes” you have from social media, search engines and other websites creates more “water” (traffic) coming to you.  Others have called it “Google Love” and I have referred to it in the past as “Link Juice.”  In other words, BlitzMetrics is also telling you to Build A Solid Marketing Foundation too!

No matter what label you use, your foundation is what everything else you do is built upon.  For example, I create videos daily, I upload to our YouTube Channel and then create a post here.  Once I publish the article with the video, it gets automatically posted to several of our social media pages and profiles.  They refer to this as your “plumbing” and I call it your framework, either is referring to the same concept.

But and this is the most important part of all, your foundation is based upon your website.  Which is why I recommend getting your own domain name and website.  It is also why I highly recommend a CMS like WordPress, but Drupal and Joomla work too.  Of course you need to be linked to and back from, all of your social media pages as well.

More On How To Build A Solid Marketing Foundation

Dennis Yu, Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer You have to connect your points.  In order for the water to flow, you have to connect your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.  You have to connect all these pieces so that when the content starts flowing – you have the same handle, you’re able to track everything and the analytics are in place.  You need to establish the plumbing.

Dennis Yu, Co-Founder/CTO BlitzMetrics

We help you Build A Solid Marketing Foundation

We help you Build A Solid Marketing Foundation with our Direct Response Marketing Services

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