Company Introduction Video

I’m super excited about the re-branding of my company and the new website!  One of the things I am really looking forward to is the new content that we are working on.  Even more so all of the videos that I have been planning!  But one of those videos is finished already, our Company Introduction Video!

Since the beginning of March 2017, we have been putting in some long hours working on the website.  The new look and feel of our website took only a few days to create.  What we have been spending most of our time working on is our content.  A lot of content needed to be re-branded and some of our articles needed to be reorganized too.  The reason being that we wanted to make finding the information you are looking for, a lot easier.

But, just in case you have missed it, there is a new web page on the website called Company Info.  Our Company Info page is where we published the Company Introduction Video.  It is just the first of a lot of new video content to come.  However, as an introduction to our new website, it was already published with no fanfare.  I intend to fix that now with this article!

Cue the trumpets and horns…lol

Introducing: Charles E. Snyder III Marketing’s Company Information Video!

Check out our Company Introduction Video below and be sure to follow our new YouTube Channel too!  So our first new video is pretty groovy, right?  Hey, it’s straight and to the point, just like we are.  You will not find a whole bunch of fluff, filler and bullshit buzz-words in any of our content.  We know that your time is valuable so we cut through all the crap and get right down to business.  Enjoy!

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