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Time and again, people ask me about boosting posts on Facebook.  Sometimes I hear questions that are more of the “how-to” types and general overall best practices.  Other times someone has much more specific questions about ad performance and what is good or not so good.  But in many cases the person asking has little or no marketing experience and wants to “test the waters.”  You as a business owner may be of the same mindset.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool!  Yet you may be wanting to be cautious and take things slow.  To learn as you progress and maybe make some sales along the way.  But the deeper you go, the more confusing and frustrating boosting posts on Facebook becomes.  The confusion and frustration then becomes maddening when you start asking questions.  In response, the answers you get may range from being semi-informed to outright lunacy, with little or no consensus.

Typically, I come into the picture right about now and offer some words of advice.  Simply boosting posts on Facebook for engagement does not generate leads and create sales.  Firstly, there is an estimated 16 million businesses on Facebook and that doesn’t include all of the organizations, church groups, youth groups and so on.  Many of the businesses and organizations are also boosting posts on Facebook, so it is really easy to get lost in the crowd.  Secondly, your success is directly related to how well your ads gets and holds attention.

Watch the video and see why I recommend avoiding boosting posts on Facebook.

There’s a lot more where that came from

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