Re-Branding Our Company

River Valley Hosting & Web Design is now Charles E. Snyder III Marketing.  We decided Re-Branding Our Company to reflect our new business services and focus.  It was a decision that we struggled with since January 2017 and by March, we made up our minds.  We have been working on that project day in and day out ever since.

Re-Branding Our Company - Charles E. Snyder III Marketing

Re-Branding Our Company

We have made a lot of progress on our website and all of our social media pages too.  You will find some major changes in the look, colors and feel of our website.  Not to mention Re-Branding Our Company logo and other graphics.  Most important of all, you will find that our content is getting re-organized too.

Moving forward, our plans are to produce a lot more content and videos about digital marketing.  We will also begin documenting – in detail – case studies from our marketing projects.  Also, I will be publishing an on-going series of videos called “5 Minutes With Charles” and other great content too.

Re-Branding Our Company: Charles E. Snyder III Marketing

Re-Branding Our Company – Our new banner showing us having some fun!


Re-Branding Our Company Is A Lot Of Work!

With a new business focus comes the need to re-brand our company and all of our related content.  That means that we had to update all of our social media pages and profiles as well.  Which isn’t even mentioning all of the other graphics and banners all over our website and social media.

However, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be completed on this website before we are ready to tackle publishing case studies, 5 Minutes With Charles, etc.  Most of that work now is simply a matter of updating our current content to reflect the changes in business name and our new business model.  And we are proud to announce that much of our social media presence has already been updated to reflect these changes.  We are also already in the process of producing, editing and publishing a boat-load more video content!


So let there be absolutely no doubt in your mind, the case studies are the real deal, they are coming and they will knock your socks off!  VERY SOON!

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