Marketing Reality Check

It’s time for a marketing reality check.  A marketing reality check in the form of what it means to be a wantrepreneur versus an entrepreneur.  And what it takes to be a successful marketer.  In other words, if you do not have enough customers to pay the bills, you cannot keep up with technology.  You actually have a very expensive hobby and you will not have a business for very long.  Period.

One way to solve that is to do a tremendous amount of work promoting your business.  Spending hundreds of hours learning what and what not to do.  Investing even more time taking action and applying what you learn to your business.  Which takes dozens or even hundreds of more hours to perfect.  Trust me, it leads to some very long days, month after month.

Or you can pay someone like me to do the heavy-lifting for you.  But the Industrial Era methods of advertising do not work any more, so you have to get up with the current methodologies if you want to survive.  Watch my video now to learn more!

There’s a lot more where that came from

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