Create A Solid Foundation Of Content

I am often asked, what is your best way to drive more traffic to my website?  Or, what is my most effective way to market on social media?  Another frequent question I hear, how do I build back-links and improve SEO easily?  My answer is simple and effective, create a solid foundation of content!  Because without content, you are wasting your time and money.

With today’s installment, I take a look at the whole content-conundrum from a different view with an article that I stumbled upon titled, “Why Content Marketing Is King” by Kristen Buzzaird.  It’s a short read, but with highly valuable insight I believe.  So I talk about the four main points of that article, showing how it applies to the previous videos that I have published.

Here are the four key points of Kristen’s article:

  • Your content is your message, your message is your content
  • Content informs your customers and potential customers
  • Your content gives your customers something useful
  • Content forms your foundation for search engine ranking and SEO

Enjoy and practice safe content creation!

There’s a lot more where that came from

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